SR-22 Insurance

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SR22 Insurance Services provides customers with the quickest, easiest, most affordable way to get their drivers license reinstated.

You don't need to look any further because we provide same-day insurance certificate service at the lowest cost. Just visit our "Get a Quote" page and we will send you an email with the best possible rate for your insurance certificate.

We'll file an SR-22 form online free of cost with the DMV. It will take just a few minutes and you'll be able to drive again right away.

Who needs SR-22 Insurance?

Drivers who have had their driver’s license revoked must file an SR 22 insurance certificate with the Department of Public Safety within two (2) year(s).

A Certificate of Liabili­ty (SR-22) is a document issued by an auto insurer showing proof of automobile insurability. It is used to prove financial responsibility when driving a car.

You don't need to own a vehicle in order to purchase SR-22 insurance. We provide non-owner SR-22 insurance for people who do not own vehicles.

When an insurance company reports cancellation, termination, or lapse of coverage, they must notify the DMV within 30 days. If there isn't a current SR-22 on record, the driver's license and vehicle registrations could be temporarily revoked until a new SR-22 is filed. A new SR-22 and a reinstatement fee would then need to be paid before the license and registrations can be reinstated.

If you're involved in an accident, conviction, or judgment, financial responsibility may be required. For example, if you

Currently, minimum liability insurance amounts are $25,00 for bodily injuries to or death of one individual in one car crash; $50,000 per person for bodily injuries to or deaths of two or more people in one car crash; and $25,000 for damages to or loss of property of others in a single car crash.


Steps for filing an SR22 with the DMV office

Here are three easy steps to submit an SR22 form for free.

Step one. Contact an insurance agency to obtain a SR-22 certificate for your vehicle.

Step two. Filing for an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) report requires that you provide a copy of the report to the DMV via phone at 1-800-822-9393, or by mail in a letter.

Step 3. Wait until the DMV has processed your application and then visit the Driver License Eligibility page to confirm that your DL is eligible to be renewed.

You must keep the SR-22 insurance policy for two years after you sell the vehicle.

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