SR-22 insurance protects drivers

What is an SR-22?

A SR-22 is a document that shows your car insurance company that you meet your states' minimum auto liability insurance requirement. It may also be called a certificate of financial responsibility (CFR), or an FR-44 in some states.

People may mistakenly call it an SR-22 when they really mean SR-21. It's not actually an SR-22; it's just a document provided by your auto insurer that shows you have liability coverage on the vehicle.

Who needs an SR-22?

Some states require motorists to obtain SR-22 forms from their insurance companies when they renew their policies. These forms must be filed if the driver has been involved in any accidents within the past three years.


  • Conviction for DUI or DWI

  • Serious and/or repeated offenses

  • A car accident without any liability coverage

  • License suspension or revocation


Because SR-22s are required for these types of crimes, they usually result in a surcharge on car owners' auto policies.

How long do you have to keep your SR-22?

Depending on where you live, SR-22 insurance may be required for vehicles registered in certain states. Here are some general guidelines to keep in…


  • You'll probably need to have an SR‑22 showing continuous insurance cover­age for at least three years (or longer in some cases) if you're going to get a loan from a bank.

  • If your policy lapsed or expired during this period, your insurer must inform the relevant authorities.

  • If you fail to follow the terms of your SR‑22, you could face suspension of your driver’s license.

  • Once you've fulfilled your states' time requirements for reinstatement, your SR-22 insurance status is usually lifted.


If I Don't Own A Car, Do I Still Need To File An SR-22?

A: If you do not own a vehicle, you might still be subject to having an SR-22 Certificate and SR-22 Auto Insurance if you borrow one. If you drive a rented vehicle or lease a vehicle and incur an automobile collision, you can still be held responsible for any resulting injuries or damages. In addition, you may be able to purchase a non-owner SR 22 insurance coverage. If your driver’s licence was revoked, in some instances you may even be forced to obtain a non-owner SR22 in order to regain your driving privilege.

You may need to file an SR-6 if you're required to file an SR‑22. To get the necessary forms from your insurance company, call them up and ask them to send you copies.

To get more info about getting an SR-22, contact your insurance agent.

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