SR-22 insurance: What is it? And how does it work?

What is SR-22 insurance?

An SR-22 document simply indicates that you meet your state‘s car insurance coverage requirement for driving during a required time frame.

If you're convicted of a traffic offense like a DUI or not having auto insurance, your state may ask for proof that you're insured. However, you don't have time to wait around; you must get where you're headed. We can issue your SR-22 form immediately and let the state know you're insured—without any fees.

Who needs an SR-22?

Some states require insurance companies to provide SR-22s for certain types of risky driver behavior. These include having been convicted of DUI, reckless driving, speeding, or failing to yield at a stop sign.



  • If you drive with a suspended or revoked drivers' licence, you could be arrested.

  • Cause an accident while driving without car insuarance.

  • If you're charged repeatedly for traffic offenses, including several serious ones, then you may be eligible for an expungement.


You must meet this criterion if a judge or the DMV decides you need to obtain an SR-22 certificate. You’ll be notified either in person at your hearing or by mail.

How do you obtain an SR-22 auto insurance policy?

When buying insurance, just tell us you want to get an SR-22. We will then contact your insurer directly and ask them to issue one. They may require additional documentation before they agree to issue an SR-22.

It takes anywhere from one day to several weeks for an SR-22 to be approved by the DMV.

We can issue you an SR-22 within minutes. Most of our customers receive their SR-22s the next business day. And because we're located right here in New Jersey, we can deliver them to you without any hassle. To get a quote for low rates, fill out our online application today.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost?

We usually don't charge any additional fee when filing an SR-22 form for you. However, some companies or agencies may charge you extra charges or surcharges.

Are you able to purchase an SR-22 policy from an insurance company online?

SR22 Insurance Insurance offers auto insurance plans with an SR-22, which you can buy online. We also provide many other coverage options, including uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) and personal injury protection (PIP).


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Which states require SR-22s?

Each country has different SR-22 requirements for drivers, and they may be changing at any time. Contact your insurer to check if you need an SR-22 certificate before driving in their country.

When do you need to get an SR-22?

Most states require car owners to have proof of auto liability coverage for at least three years. Check with your insurer for details regarding your specific situation.

What’s so special about these two insurance forms?

If you live in Florida or Virginia, you might need to get an FR-44 instead if you don’t already own one.

An SR-22 is a document showing proof that you're insured under your auto policy. However, an SR-22 may require your liability limits to be significantly higher compared to the state's required limits.

While the length may differ, an FR-44 insurance plan is typically required for three years. You cannot cancel your FR-44 coverage while it is required.

If the SR-22 policy is cancelled, what happens next?

If your coverage lapsed, your insurer must notify the DMV. Depending on where you live, this may mean losing your driving privileges.

Paying your premium on time will help avoid having your auto insurance cancelled and prevent your insurer from filing an SR-26 with the DMV. An SR-26 removes the SR-22 with your DMV. If you don't want an SR-22 anymore, an SR-26 is also filed to get rid of the SR-22.

With the SR22 Insurance mobile application, you can create bill reminder notifications and keep your payment information updated, so you don't miss any payments.

Get an SR-22 insurance quote from SR22 Insurance Insurance Company

If you need assistance with SR-22 coverage, give us a ring at 888-290–5754 or contact us for further details.

SR-22 insurance FAQs

How do I make certain the right people learn that I have SR-22 coverage and am legally allowed to drive?

If you buy auto liability coverage from us, we’ll file it for you with the state. It may be filed electronically and on the same date as your sale.


What types of auto insurance companies offer SR-22s?


Not all auto insurance providers offer SR-22s; if you go through an agent, they'll help you choose one. If you're doing it yourself, do your homework and call insurance companies directly to see what kind of policies they cover. SR22 Insurance Insurance Company offers SR-22s as part of your policy.

What is an SR-22? Why do I need one?

If you have a good credit score and no recent traffic violations, you probably won’t need an SR-22. The main reason for needing an SR-26 is reckless behavior such as drunk or drugged drivers. Other reasons include having too much debt, getting into a car accident, or losing your driver’s permit. Your best bet is to check with your local DMV to find out whether you need one.

Yes, we can help! We know that getting your SR-22 filed can be confusing, so our team of experts is standing by to answer any questions you may have about SR-22 filings and how they affect your auto coverage. Call us today at 855-910 2254.


What is an SR-22? It's not car insurance.


An SR-22 (or SR-21) is a type of document issued by an insurer that verifies that the insured has adequate liability coverage. Your auto insurance company issues an SR-22 when they believe that you may be involved in an accident where your vehicle would be at fault.

What kind of SR-22s are there?

There are three types:


  • If you use a rental vehicle, you may be able to get an operator’s permit through your insurer.

  • Driver: A driver’s form is used by people who own and operate their own cars.

  • A rental agreement is an agreement between a renter (the person renting the vehicle) and the owner (the person who owns the vehicle).

If I don't own a car, am I eligible for an SR-22 insurance policy?

Yes. You can obtain SR-22 insurance if your auto insurance company does not offer liability coverage for vehicles you do not own. SR-22 insurance allows drivers who cannot afford to purchase full automobile liability coverage to maintain minimum coverage levels.


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